Hiphop: Art That Imitates Life

Luck Factor Zero

Hiphop music began in early 1970s rather than violence. Its roots come from Dark-colored, West African and Dancehall. The original source of Hip hop is basically split into four main stages.

Hip Hop Band

Hiphop consists on four main cultural elements: rapping, beatboxing, production, and break dancing. Rapping is a vital part of hiphop music and contains delivering rhymes with rhythm without or with an identification beat. Beatboxing may be the vocal percussion of hiphop culture. It is the art of producing rhythms, beats and other melodies while using the mouth. Production consists from the usage of drums, software and hardware sequencers, instrumentation, etc., to create music. Normally the production in hiphop music is conducted with a DJ or possibly a producer, who is actually considered the creator with the piece rather than hip hop artist. Finally, the final cultural element is break dancing, that is a dynamic design of dance. It’s one of the major components of hiphop culture and differs from other dances mainly because it doesn’t have a structured or limited positions or steps. It includes funk styles, hand stands, flips, etc.


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